Pressgang Membership

Membership of Pressgang
I have been invited to join The Press Gang and will be exhibiting in their forthcoming annual exhibition at the Harbour House Gallery in Kingsbridge - Tuesday 26th June to Sunday 8th July

The Press Gang will celebrated 14 years of printmaking in September 2012.
This lively group of artists led by Mike Glanville and based in South Devon work around the Bulbstore Studio in West Buckland. Both relief and intaglio printmaking is in full swing during the weekly workshop sessions throughout the winter months.

Printmakers benefit from each other's company, sharing ideas and information as well as materials and equipment 'everything, including the kitchen sink 'and of course Exhibitions.

Collographs, monoprints, lino cuts, wood cuts, etchings, monotypes, drypoints are all created - techniques and images as diverse as the artists, but all sharing the universal principle of transferring an image to paper from a prepared plate to create an original work.

Printmaking is a complex craft, with unpredictable results, which is all part of the appeal for artists with a taste for risk and invention . .